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About The Club

The club is a member of Cobra Martial Arts Assoication, Hakatora Martial Arts Academy and Circle Martial Arts.

We are a Muay Thai, or often referred to as Thai Boxing school based in Manchester city centre. We also teach and train in related martial arts, boxing, and street self defence. Training is taught in a friendly atmosphere and stays true to it's historic teachings. Students can expect both traditional and modern styles and should dedicate some time to all areas of technique, fitness, conditioning and fighting spirit.


Knowledge of the art has been passed down from Grandmasters of Muay Thai, and is mixed with the Instructor's own fighting and training techniques. The name Cobra of Siam comes from 2 well known and respected clubs; The Golden Cobra, and Siam Camp. The Cobra being respected in Thailand for its movement and attack, and Thailand being formerly known as Siam before winning independence with the help of Muay Thai against it's oppressors.

Master Ged Tindale  


Master Ged Tindale is an old school veteran of Muay Thai. He started training back in the late 70's under Grandmaster Sken and soon became a successful fighter taking part in over 100 bouts in Thailand. Ged's old school methods were put into teaching when he opened his own Muay Thai club The Golden Cobra which he ran with huge success until 2007 when it closed down. Master Ged is well known throughout parts of Thailand and is affiliated with Master Sken, Master Kevin Lloyd, Master Krin, and many others. His teachings were strict and training under Ged was as tough as it gets. Traditional Muay Thai, strength and conditioning, and fighter's training. Ged held his own interclubs throughout the 80's and 90's and made successful champions out of his fighters. He now sits on the board for the England Muay Thai Federation.

Grandmaster Kevin Lloyd   

Kevin Lloyd was first introduced to Muay Thai in 1973 by Grandmaster Woody and his brother Grandmaster Toddy who had come to England to study, and open up the first Muay Thai training camp in the North West. Kevin Lloyd with a background of Karate became interested in this new fighting system and soon joined the club where he trained for many years alongside past champions like Ronnie Green.  After building ties with Thailand Kevin Lloyd opened up his own club 'Siam Camp'. Over the years he continued to train and study the art learning all the elements of Muay Thai and Muay Boran, that trace back to the oldest Thai Masters. He visits Thailand every year for training and ceromonies and is now the head of the England Muay Thai Federation and assistant head of the World Muay Thai Federation.

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