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About Muay Thai



Muay Thai has been practised in Thailand for centuries but the year of origin is unknown. At times of war Thailand (previously known as Siam) would use Muay Thai in battle against neigbouring countries. They used Muay Thai kicks and Muay Boran techniques against old weapons such as swords, and succesfully beating their oppressors into surrender. ​After winning their independence Muay Thai Boxing became a sport in the country.


In the old days Muay Thai was fought with bare hands before later having ropes wrapped around the hands for padding. Nahy Khanohm Thom was well known for his Muay Thai fighting and famous battles against invading Burmese, to then esablish Bangkok as the capital of Thailand. After the 2nd World War Muay Thai started to spread beyond Asia to Australia, Europe, and all over the World.

In days of old Muay Thai was very effective and decendants from China, Mongolia and other Asian countries adapted styles and wars and battles were fought with fists as more devloped countires in Europe and America used weapons.


Muay Thai is fought using hands, elbows, kness, and legs and is known by some as 'The Science of the Eight Limbs' as constant dedicated training turns your body into a perfect weapon. Some old Thai Master's also refferred to Muay Thai as 'Nine Weapons'. Children growing up in Thailand practised with their bodies to adapt moves and striking capabilities and Muay Thai grew big as a national sport. It wasn't long before this high powered martial art spread to Europe and the rest of the World.


Today Muay Thai is hugely popular, and has risen in popularity with the growth of MMA over the last 10 years. It is one of the best forms of attack and defence in the ring, and many MMA fighters now practice Muay Thai to improve their stand-up fighting.



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