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PAY AS YOU GO:  Members - £8
                                 Non members - £10                      BOOK A CLASS ONLINE
PAY MONTHLY:   Members - £35   
                                Non members - £50

MEMBERSHIP:   £50 one off payment per year
                              (includes introduction booklet, licence book and  standard insurance)

PRIVATE SESSIONS: From £35 (basic) - £50 (advanced) 
                                      Discounted rates for advance bookings and groups
                                       Available weekdays and weekends

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Muay Thai
TUESDAY - 7pm - 8pm
FRIDAY - 6.30 - 8pm
(Thursday & Saturday times to be announced)
Junior Thai Boxing
(Location coming soon)

Turn your body into a weapon, get fit and get conditioned,  with traditional Muay Thai training mixed with modern applications, from beginners to advanced, with mobility, warm-ups, movements and practise of technique for all strikes, pad work in 3 min rounds, one on one drills for defence and counter attacking, Thai stretches, sparring, and Muay Boran.

Great for fitness, toning, fight training, and self defence., and stress relief.

Women's Kickboxing & Self Defence 

Women only kickboxing  class, pad work, lots of punches and kicking.  Tai strectching for flexability. Great class for boosting awareness and confidence. Weight loss and toning with stamina build up. 'be a bad ass with a good ass'

Self defence includes evading unwanted approach, disabling attackers, and keeping someone at a distance.

Great class for children. Fun training and exercises, mobility and awareness of the body. Self defence, and training for competition with great  achievements for the kids. Thai language can also be taught along with the training.

Also teaches self respect, respect for others and discipline. All striking and movements taught to make a child fit and strong, and the sessions help create positivity for life and builds confidence.

Also a good bonding session for parent and child .


Fight Club

Fight Club is a one hour session of constant sparring. All martial art styles are welcome and fighter's can test their chosen skills against different opponents from various backgrounds.

BEGINNERS are also welcome to come and learn basic strikes, blocks and movement.

The session is safe and controlled, and is an exhilarating and enjoyable workout!

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